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Artist in need of a living group

door admin

I am looking for a group of professional adults, roughly between the ages of 30 and 50
I would ideally chose a group where people engage in meaningful contact but also respect each other’s space and needs.
As I am myself an artist, a group of creative individuals or involved in academia, science and energetic therapies would be my perfect match.

I am a Greek contemporary artist, 40+ years old living in Amsterdam since 2016.
My current flat became an arsenal victim and it is now damaged beyond repair.
I am very social and naturally extroverted.

I am a vegetarian ( only occasionally eat fish) an animal lover and activist and a believer of the positive energies of the cosmos. In my art practice, I work with performance and peoples bodies so body practices is a second nature to me and I usually either take or teach classes myself. I also have a studio space where I daily go to create my work.

I also have adopted a 11 year old cat, Mr Tofu who now is staying with my old roommate and I would ideally want to take along. He is a bright red garfield type cat, very very cuddly and very people friendly. He does not scratch furniture or craves human food. He just purrs very loud and loves to sleep on my bed.

Please contact me via email

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